Bespoke Training For Your Users

We provide full training in camera use and positioning, cart adjustment and storage, software training and care for your system.

Training is usually provided on-site and can be scheduled over 2-3 days to ensure that everyone has a chance to attend. Our engineers provide training after system installation but training can be scheduled for new users or as a refresher course.

We will provide all the training courseware, plus a user guide for both users and administrators. We also provide easy-to-use quick start guides where users do not have time to attend training.

Certain products have an online video training option, this may be provided as video or online webinar. This allows users to access a full training option from their computers at home or at the hospital.

  1.  Full training programme for new users
  2.  Top-up training for refreshers
  3.  Training included in all new systems
  4.  Training resources include user guide and step by step exercises
  1.  Trainers are integral part of the development team so have extensive knowledge
  2.  Often the installation engineer is also the trainer 
  3.  Extensive training documentation

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