Medical Imaging - System Upgrades

Replacing medical technology is expensive, especially when technology moves so quickly and in very little time new equipment is outdated

In many cases only a small portion of the system is actually outdated, such as the computer or the software, the medical cart or bracket will last for many years and the colposcope (the expensive part of the system) lasts much longer and has a few years left.

We offer a technology upgrade which will take your old equipment and only replace the parts that are outdated, in most cases we only replace the touchscreen or computer inner electronics (not the whole screen) but in some cases you may want to replace the colposcope too. This will give you:

High quality SD and HD video and image capture, storage and management

All the features of the MaynImaging software, such as quick image capture, secure data storage, network connectivity or data export and many other features.

Finally, our MaynBridge is a unique device that allows the digitalisation and connection of your system to hospital systems by connecting a convenient screen to your old colposcope. 

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