Carts, Supports and Brackets

Carts and Supports to Mount Your Medical Imaging Technology

An important part of the system is the positioning of the screen in relation to the camera and patient.

We provide a variety of medical carts, angled brackets and arms to suit your room size or shape. ,We give you options for great screen positioning and viewing in whatever part of the room you need it.

Our medical carts come in a number of shapes and sizes from small and mobile single post VESA mounts or laptop or tablet enclosures/mounts up to larger carts with/without battery power, twin or multiple shelf (for printers or storage), ergonomic sleek design with storable keyboard and mouse shelf.

Our wide variety of arms and brackets allow us to position the main screen or a secondary screen on walls or ceilings in convenient positions for the user. These are especially useful where there is limited space available or an awkward room shape means that the normal cart or stack systems cannot be implemented.

  1.  Mains or battery powered
  2.  IEC compliant
  3.  LED display (displays power and status)
  4.  VESA mounting for screens, swivel, tilt and pivot positions
  5.  Height adjustable, up to 315mm, locking brakes, cable management
  6.  Various fixtures including compartments, keyboard tray and mousepad, baskets, shelves etc
  1.  Solid fixtures securely attach to walls or ceilings
  2.  Variety of integrated desk or combo systems
  3.  Wall mounts monitor arm, clamp base, grommet base or swing arm, table stand also available
  4.  Single screen or twin screens, 4 screen also possible if required

Next Steps...

If you would like to learn more about our carts and brackets, we have included more features and benefits, and an option to  make a request for quotation, on our product page HERE.

Why not call for a no-commitment chat, we have a wide variety of options available and we understand that every requirement is different. For more information on the system that suits YOU best, please click HERE and we can send more detailed information on the models most relevant to your needs.

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