MaynImaging - Secure Capture

Standalone Medical Imaging Technology For Secure Capture of Images and Video For Medical Forensic Purposes

We designed MaynImaging Secure Capture to be flexible and easy-to-use but at the same time data-secure through encryption. This makes it the perfect solution for the capture of sensitive images and video for forensics or Sexual abuse examinations in SARC or SANE centres.

The system is completely standalone and can only be accessed with a username and password. We can also offer a super-secure  dual layer level of security where the user must log in twice before access is permitted.

The user can capture Images and video easily and quickly and the system includes many functions to assist the process. We are the first company to develop a number of unique functions. The system includes the unique MaynImaging  ‘hide images’ function, where potentially uncomfortable images collected can be quickly hidden from view. The system also includes MaynImaging ‘multi-photo’ for hard-to-capture subjects such as young children, another unique Mayn function.

We encrypt ALL data, even including video (using our proprietary algorithms) which can be exported to DVD or USB drive. Your exported data can only be viewed using MaynViewer technology, this only allows authorised parties to view sensitive data. , This makes MaynImaging Secure Capture one of the most secure systems on the market.

To secure your data we included an intelligent backup allowing your administrator to execute backups to external drive with PIN. For more information on these secure USB removable PIN secured drives, click here

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