Our vision – Bringing Healthcare and Technology Ever Closer

Our Mission is to Make the Impossible, Possible, the unreachable, Reachable and the Complicated, Intuitive and Easy to Use.


At Mayn we are always pushing the boundaries to provide our customers with world-class applications and hardware. We ensure that our engineers are recruited and trained in the very latest technologies both existing and emerging, both software and hardware, with a view to providing robust and secure solutions that are fit for purpose, scalable and cost-effective.

We do this by:

  • Constantly monitoring best-in-class practices and technology
  • Always look for improvements in data capture, security, speed and ease of use
  • Achieving connectivity and secure data sharing
  • Constantly reviewing ourselves, our processes, our skills
  • Close relationships with our clients and people who know our area of specialisation


So our vision is to continue to provide world-class solutions in an ever changing technical world, to bring medical establishments and technology providers ever closer together creatively through meeting, talking and discussing, and to ultimately provide patients with better healthcare

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