Calling all vertical partners, doctors, nurses and forensic professionals!

We are developing handheld devices for use in areas such as colposcopy, vulvoscopy, endoscopy, forensic data collection and other specialties to reduce still further our portable data collection device size, for use in the home and where a stack system would not be effective.

We would welcome feedback on the progress we have made, new ideas and improvements on our project, to make this the most fit-for-purpose medical device we can possibly make it.

With this new device we would like feedback on:

  • Connectivity to partner services and devices
  • Ergonomics and improvements
  • How to keep the unit still when taking images
  • Acceptable size of the unit
  • Image and software size on the screen
  • Functions

Please talk to us, we welcome all comments and criticisms and are keen to talk to all those who would like to partner with us.

Striving to bring the best solutions to healthcare to benefit doctors and patients alike!

To join us, please contact us HERE, you can also register for updates on the project and be one of the first to purchase when launched in the summer of 2019

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