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Secure Data Management, Whatever the Requirements

We have extensive data management skills, in fact this is the fundamental requirement of our skillset. Our engineers understand the need for data security but also the need to maintain flexibility. Your data can be migrated or saved into different parts of the system, including patient record management systems.

Our services can converge and centralise data in different locations and store it in a single drive or server. We can also destroy data, for example when sensitive data is no  longer required and must be deleted without trace.

We have developed a data migration tool that can import data from your current system into our system. This can be adapted for most of the modern database systems such as MySQL or MS SQL Server.

We also offer digitalisation services where old data stored on old formats such as VHS can be transferred to our systems. We use a a plug-in piece of hardware for this and we supply all the hardware and software required. Customers can do this themselves or we can supply an on-site engineer to do this for you. We will organise to do this in a secure environment with one of your staff in attendance if required for SARCs.

Our products and services comply with the latest version of DICOM and HL7

  1.  Professional DBAs available to ensure the best way forward to manage your data
  2.  Wide variety of options due to interoperability of systems
  3.  Data conversion options (we can even convert your old VHS video!)
  4.  Data migration tool developed in-house
  5.  DICOM and HL7 compliant
  1.  We can integrate and manage most data, so most things are possible (we are very can-do!)
  2.  Old data is not lost
  3.  Old systems can be converted to our system so you are not stuck with one system forever
  4.  Compliancy means peace of mind

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Every client has different requirements and we offer many options that will give you a system that suits YOU best. Please contact us HERE and we can send more detailed information on the products most relevant to your needs.

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