Covers and Protection

Covers to Protect Your Mayn Medical Imaging Technology

To protect technology from dust, dirt and DNA (for forensic establishments), we offer customised covers, manufactured specifically for the job. The covers are made from ecologically friendly materials in order to have minimal impact on the environment when disposed of.

We offer covers for most versions of Mayn Imaging hardware products, including medical carts, screens, printers and cameras.

We can design and manufacture customised covers of various sizes.

  1.  Ecologically friendly material has lesser impact on environment
  2.  Available in most sizes and to fit most hardware
  3.  Sold in minimum pack of 5
  4.  First pack provided free with all new purchases of our systems
  1.  Tough design means long-lasting product
  2.  Covers can be cleaned or replaced with every use or periodically
  3.  Custom covers means we can offer options for almost any requirement

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