Medical Cameras and Scopes

The Latest Colposcope Technology to Give you the Best Quality Images and Video

Our systems can support a wide variety of cameras and scopes and we also offer a variety of options in this area to assist in a colposcopy or forensic exam.

We offer SD (Standard Definition) digital video colposcopes or analogue videoscope colposcopes, up to HD (High Definition) autofocus, 50x zoom.

All colposcopes connect seamlessly to our image and video capture and colposcope systems.

We can introduce a ‘splitter’ and a CMOS unit analogue to videoscopic colposcopes that will digitalise the analogue signal. This will give the user the best of both worlds (eyepiece 3d and recording 2d using our system).

The colposcopes also come in a variety of sizes and weights. The lighter versions are used for MaynImaging Portable, offering a lightweight support and easy to position camera. Larger versions are also available with a swing arm, for the more permanent ‘stack’ systems.

We can cater for almost all ergonomic or technical requirements and we include training and installation for all purchases.

  1.  Auto focus manual focus and 40x magnification
  2.  Super bright built in multi-loop LED light source
  3.  8 Button design with manual focus, acetic acid timer and green filter
  4.  Super clear HD images with up to 3.2M pixel quality
  5.  Includes remote control
  6.  Built in green filters to increase contrast
  7.  Sony HD camera
  1.  Easy to use, adjust height and position, the camera does the rest
  2.  Easy to clean and maintain (and we provide the cleaning fluids here)
  3.  Ergonomic 7 button design includes manual focus, green filter and acetic acid timer on capture screen
  4.  LED light source gives over 50,000 hours before replacement (60 years use if you use it for 2 hours a day, every day!)
  5.  Lightweight stand or more permanent swing arm option and additional screens can be fixed to walls or medical carts

Next Steps...

If you would like to learn more about our colposcopes, we have included more features and benefits, and an option to  make a request for quotation, on our product page HERE.

If you would like to learn more about our range of colposcopes or any of our products or services, please feel free to call for a chat (no strings attached).

Every client has different requirements and we offer many options that will give you an imaging system that suits YOU best. Please contact us HERE and we can send more detailed information on the products most relevant to your needs.

Click on the link for a callback or schedule an appointment with an engineer to discuss your colposcope or endoscope needs, or a demonstration of our products.

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