Our vision

Our Vision
Our Vision

Our mission is to make the impossible, possible, the unreachable, reachable and the complicated, intuitive and easy to use.

Our vision is to become THE authority on medical technology, introducing healthcare to new tech and updating engineers on what healthcare REALLY needs.

At Mayn we are always pushing the boundaries to provide our customers with world-class applications and hardware. We ensure that our engineers are recruited and trained in the very latest technologies. Using both existing and emerging software and hardware, we provide robust and secure solutions for healthcare and forensics. Our systems are fit for purpose, scalable and cost-effective. read more


Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility

We believe that where possible we should use the applications and hardware we have developed to provide cost effective solutions where there is limited access to healthcare.

We are active in some developing countries to provide solutions that assist in bringing healthcare where provision is limited.

We are working with a number of local partners in Africa and South America to build relationships and export our medical applications and devices to make a difference.

Please check our social media for the latest project that we are working on, or if you would like to speak to a real person please contact us here.

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