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Medical Imaging Technology Software Out of The Box

We offer a software solution for medical imaging, colposcopy, endoscopy and more. We include planning, implementation, training and support for both standalone and networked versions.

This is an excellent option for existing systems looking to upgrade to a more secure, easy-to-use software.  Customers that would like to source their own endoscopes or colposcopes can use our software to digitalise and capture images.

Where customers want to connect an existing analogue camera system to the hospital patient records we offer our MaynBridge solution. This will allow you to search for patients on your own internal system, capture images and save on the patient profile, adding value to your existing equipment.

We also offer full data integration and interfacing with hospital patient record management systems.  Our software is compatible with many camera system formats such as HDMI, Component and S-Video.

  1.  Easy-to-use software compatible with most screen sizes
  2.  Data can be stored on the local machine or on a network, images can be encrypted or we can switch the encryption off
  3.  Software is connected to patient record management systems for seamless integration
  4.  Highly secure, including encrypted export, intelligent backup and access control
  5.  Intuitive interface, no cluttered screens or multiple drop-down lists, pleasant to use and quick to capture in clinics
  6.  Software requires minimal training
  7. Installation and training included, full support included free for 12 months
  1.  Can be installed on most systems
  2.  Flexible data storage means most technical needs can be satisfied
  3.  Integrated systems mean one database with all patient data
  4.  Your data is secure
  5.  Intuitive interface means less training for users and quicker appointments
  6.  Installation and training included, full support included free for 12 months, means peace of mind for users

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We also offer a software only option (includes support and installation, if you are interested in this product, please go to the dedicated page at

Every client has different requirements and we offer many options that will give you a system that suits YOU best. Please contact us HERE and we can send more detailed information on the products most relevant to your needs.

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